About Restonra

Our made from scratch food with only the highest quality ingredients results in a taste you can swear by.

We worked to create the perfect blend of American and Mexican cuisine. You can taste the heartlands of Mexico in our shredded chicken and beef. We come to our American roots in our formulation of the Steak and grilled chicken. Our shrimp is a true fusion of authentic Mexican and American Spices. To honor our vegan clientele, we have made sure that all of our dishes have vegan protein as options.

We have brought the taste from the streets of Mexico directly to you in our elote relish. The melt in your mouth guacamole is to die for. Finally, the pico de gallo, sour cream and chihuahua cheese is the perfect accompaniment to top off your meal.

It is an experience you will come back for.

Our Story

My family was quintessentially American and somehow fiercely Mexican, so I have been steeped deeply in the two cultures. Restonra is a portamento of rest from restaurant and onra which means honor in Spanish. This restaurant is a humble tribute to them and my attempt to honor my family.

 Making food fresh isn’t just the right way, it’s the only way.

 We make our food fresh and fast